Henry Harvin Education Launches #GharPeInternship Summer Internship Programs

New Delhi: Started as a Pilot in 2019, Henry Harvin Education’s Summer Internship Program wrote its own ‘Super 30’ success story. A bunch of around 30 students from Lovely Professional University in 2019 got training, certification and internship from Henry Harvin in Data Science. Soon after that as placement season started, this bunch of Super 30, were amongst the first ones to get placed in the core field during the placement season.

Soon this pilot turned into a full fledged project at Henry Harvin Education. In 2020, to help students get internships during lockdown, Henry Harvin was amongst the first in the country to launch #GharPeInternship, a summer internship program from home that includes Certification, Project and Internship. Includes internship opportunities with US based firms like Tutree.

Till now, this has helped 700+ students utilize this time of never-ending lockdown in upskilling and reinventing themselves for the post COVID opportunities. Opportunities includes Data Science, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and more. Talking about this new offering, Kounal Gupta, (CEO, Henry Harvin) said, “Free Course v/s Industry Experience. What do you think matters more to the students? During these trying times, it is extremely very important for students to build their profiles with not just learning but also exposure to the real industry problems. At Henry Harvin, our motto is ‘Make Educated Employable’ and #GharPeInternship Summer Internship Program resonates with our motto and need of today!”.


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