8 things to do when you really cannot sleep.

Each of us have had our own set of nights when we have been unable to sleep. The reasons could range from stress and anxiety to extreme happiness to sleeping a lot in the afternoon to even falling sick. After one point of time, it gets really annoying when you have to sleep but just cannot. Worry not because given below are 8 things you can do apart from tossing around in your bed when you wish to sleep but cannot.

1. Start forming your own funny sentences or think of solutions to any situation which you feel is funny and can be made funnier. For example “What should i do to sleep? Answer – Try sleeping”. This may not sound as funny but then its our own rules we are making here.

2. Grab a pen or pencil and start writing out one liners in a calligraphic way. Whats more? You can even get down to coloring them and start making a collection of your own.

3. Watch a comedy show or a stand-up comedian performing. Try watching Gabriel Iglesias, in other words, The Fluffy guy performing and in no time will you be rolling out loud on the floor.

4. Take photographs of objects of a same color range. Hunt your surroundings for objects that might have a similar color range and start building photographing these objects while building a color based theme around them. You could even try doing something with color blocking or just the seven colors of a rainbow.

5. Read posts that might interest you. Search online for posts that revolve around your interests, may it be the space, places to visit, food to eat, fashion, or anything. Reading might work in two ways – either you could just keep reading till the sun shines or you might just sleep off. Either way it is not really a bad result.

6. Prepare for the next morning. If you do not wish to rush for work or any reason in the next morning because you did not sleep or just slept late, it is obviously going to get a bit chaotic. The best way to not let that happen is to arrange your bags and other stuff like clothes, accessories, etc so that you do not ave to rush in the morning.

7. Arranging your room and placing your things at the right place is surely going to make you happy especially if you have been neglecting it for a long time. If your room is already tidy, try setting up your cupboard.

8. Write out a story or a blog or a poem. Writing at night just brings out the crazy ideas and nothing is more beautiful than bringing them out in the best possible way. Not just writing a blog or a story or a poem, but remembering and even writing out ideas for a project can be helpful in the long run.

Watching T.V or a movie or listening to music or social networking are way too common things to do when you cannot sleep. Try doing things which are different and leave a satisfying smile on your face before you manage to finally sleep.


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