Ideas that changed Fashion

Audrey Hepburn, An actress and an important fashion icon.
Audrey Hepburn, An actress and an important fashion icon.

The definition of fashion has evolved with time. It has led to a change in the notion that fashion is not just about clothes but even the materials, colors and other elements that come with it. Here are some ideas that have changed fashion itself with time.

  • Couture

Earlier, clothes were made in standard sizes. But now, couture clothes are made to measure for the specific body size of a person in contrast to the ready to wear clothes that are made in standard sizes.


  • From illustrations to magazines

Earlier, fashion magazines used illustrations to depict designs and women as well as other accessories. There were mainly drawings but until the latter part of the 19th Century. The introduction of photography and photographs started to bring the magazine pages to life.


  • When the Corset died

In the early 20th C, ladies in the United States and Europe, squeezed their bodies into unnaturally curvaceous shapes in order to look beautiful. This caused the women to suffer as corsets did not allow women to breathe properly. The coming of the Poiret skirt caused the downfall of the corset as it fell straight to the floor from high empire-line band, which sat just under the bust.


  • “Zip” it up

The zip revolutionized the speed at which women could dress and undress as opposed to fiddly hooks and eyes, ties, buttons. The zipper was taken for granted for a long time until it started coming in different varieties and more than just a zipper, became a style statement as well.


  • Tattoos

Until the late 20th Century, tattoos were the preserve of sailors and criminals, after which they slowly started becoming a fashion statement while bridging the gap between decorative clothing, jewellery and makeup and thus adding a new dimension to late 20th Century women’s dress.


  • Computer technology

The use of computers has become evident in today’s age. It has had a major impact on the fashion industry, right from the textile design of a garment to its manufacturing process to its final marketing and sales. The two most important tools are computer aided for this industry – CAD – Computer-aided design and CAM – Computer-aided manufacturing and are equally important.


  • Eco – fashion

When everything is going green, how can fashion be behind. As global warming slowly started becoming a phenomenon and a call to protect the different climate changes and other environmental damage, fashion world started to respond with eco-friendly clothing and fashion.


Every century has brought out the best of this term through designers and their creations . Not only this, fashion has also reacted when major political or economic world events have occurred. This has helped breaking barriers of cultures and the breaking down the notion that dress codes demarcate social status in especially the 19th and 20th century and later.



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