Cosmopolitan Canada

Canada’s educational facilities compare with the best in the world


A very cosmopolitan student community and a flexible degree structure along with excellent educational facilities that compare with the best in the world makes Canadian higher education quite attractive for international students. Home to some of the best and well known universities and schools, Canadian education is known for high employability rate and practical learning style. From University of Alberta’s Faculty of Engineering to Nova Scotia Community College’s 110 exciting programs in their five Schools and full range of undergraduate and graduate programs at Dalhousie University and University of British Columbia to Commerce program at Ryserson University, Indian students can look forward to a wide range of courses and programmes suiting their needs and requirements. For students the most popular programmes remain ones like engineering, business administration, finance and commerce, computer science and Information Technology, animation, biotechnology and environmental sciences. For instance, the University of British Columbia (UBC), through 15 faculties and 12 schools on two campuses, one in Vancouver and the second campus in Kelowna accepts international students into all of its many undergraduate and graduate programs in all disciplines with the exception of the health sciences. According to reports the latest interest is CPL and aviation  training.

Most Canadian institutes look for students who are in the top marks bracket. So if you have between 50-60 per cent, you will have to do a foundation course. And keep in mind that for admission to business, Information Technology or computer science and engineering programmes, your Class XII grades in Maths are very important. Except for institutes in Ontario, most other colleges issue their own forms and they can be directly accessed online. Those wishing to study in Ontario should route their applications through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (www.ouac., an online, centralised admissions service organisation based in the province.

And yes, there are number of scholarships available to international students depending upon their programmes and universities or colleges they are associated with. These scholarships range from entrance awards to full scholarships.  Some scholarships are granted solely on the basis of academic merit and no application is required.  Apart from scholarships, international students are also eligible to work on campus or off-campus (after six months) while studying full-time to support themselves. They are also eligible to work the equal number of years they have put during their programme period at the institution.


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