Developing a centre of academic excellence

There is no doubt that education is a decisive factor in ensuring our readiness to amalgamate with the contemporary world. Realising this need and importance, Qatar is gearing up to be an attractive education destination for prospective international students as well as for the people of the region to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. Qatar is keen to build its reputation as a leading centre for the pursuit of innovative education and research. The country is supporting a network of centres and partnerships with elite institutions, apart from establishing their flagship project, The Education City, which is envisioned as a centre of excellence in education and research. The investment into this effort is in the region of billions of dollars.

There are six universities which are the branch campuses of prestigious international institutions that are delivering some of their most renowned programmes. This is because, Qatar aims to provide diverse opportunities in almost any field of study and is gradually developing as an education hub of the Middle East for students looking for careers in the area of business and management, computer science, Information Systems, art design and new media studies.

This unique form of education involves a select few institutions known for the quality of their programmes, from university education at the undergraduate level and beyond. For instance, the Education City houses Weill Cornell Medical College that offers a six-year integrated programme of study leading to an MD degree. Texas A & M University in Qatar has undergraduate programmes in electrical, mechanical, chemical and petroleum engineering while Masters are soon to be introduced. Georgetown University School of Foreign Service for UG programme in international relations, Northwestern University for degree programmes in journalism and communication and The Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies offering a PG degree in Islamic Studies and a Masters degree in contemporary fiqh are some world-class programmes that will inspire young learners to strive for higher academic achievement.

About 88 countries are currently represented in the Education City academic programmes. Though the fees are decided by the universities’ main branches international students are means-tested and financial assistance is available to them, if required. Learning and teaching is focused on creativity, curiosity, conveying knowledge and life skills, to create lifelong learners. Qatar is also one of the safest countries for students (especially girls) in the world. So are you ready to learn from global exposure and develop in a cross-cultural environment that is not too far from home?


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