The truth about student exchange programs.

Many institutes these days offer exchange programs for students between their own college or institute with the institutes or colleges of a different country. The exchange program is generally based on what the student has been learning in the home country. Most students look forward to this exciting opportunity while others feel that they should not really be spending that huge amount of money to go and study in some other country just for a couple of months while there are others who see it as an opportunity to visit a new place and have fun. No matter what the perception may be, going for an exchange program can actually be a whole new experience. Read on to now why.

  • If you are a student studying in India and going for an exchange program to another country, (suppose Switzerland) you get to learn what is being taught in that other institute and understand how it differs from the things being taught back home.
  • You get to know the cultural differences of not only what is being taught but how it is being taught, what methods of teaching are being used, in what ways the curriculum differs in-spite of the base program being the same.
  • Going for an exchange program can also lead you to a whole new range of opportunities in terms of both internships as well as a job. While going for placement interviews, you can be assured that you will stand apart from the crowd because an exchange program definitely adds another star to your CV and Resume.
  • Visiting a new country and experiencing the lifestyle over there is another interesting factor. You learn how to survive on your own, find ways to complete your work on time and even learn different conventional ways of managing your work and getting to know the place, which is especially true if you are going on your own in a new country for the first time.
  • An immense boost in self confidence takes place because this program allows you to become independent and gain a better understanding about yourself.
  • Building contacts is an important aspect of growth and while on an exchange, you get to meet a lot of people, make friends, build contacts and improve future prospects for yourself.
  • Learning a new language is another awesome possibility. Not every country speaks English and thus learning the local language of that place just makes it much more easier – weather it is commuting or communicating.

Studying in ones own country is also an important aspect of life, especially studying in a different state from where you are already residing. However, going for a student exchange program in another country is a serious business and involves effort. Just going there and having fun should not be your plan but it should actually be seen as an opportunity that not many get because “exchange isn’t a year in your life but its a life in a year”.


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