5 hobbies that can turn into jobs

Not everyone is the typical professional job person. Some people don’t like to go with the rules of doing a job that requires them to work in a company, while others leave their full times jobs to go follow their dreams. Either way it is always the passion for a hobby that makes the way for that kind of work that people just dream about but do not dare to pursue . If you are that kind of a person then read on to find if any of these 5 hobbies turned jobs fit your own list.


– Photography

This hobby tops the list. Due to the coming of smart phones with high quality cameras and cameras themselves coming for cheap, everyone is a photographer these days. What can make you different is using this hobby to earn some money. Many photographers work under other photographers in studios and projects while others prefer to work on their own as freelancers.


– Baking and Cooking

There are families who do not have the time to cook and there are people who stay alone and don’t know how to cook. If you are a person who looks to cook and bake and share it with others as well, you can go ahead to be someone’s chef and make all the delicacies you have dreamt of making. You can even go ahead and teach others on cooking different things by having your own cooking classes.


– Writing

If you can create magic with words, you can try your hand at earning money by writing. Many companies hire people to write reviews for the products or services they cater to. Some magazines and websites also require  people to write out articles on different topics for them and this serves as a great money making opportunity for writers.


– Pet services

If you love animals and find them to be your best companions, you can offer community services to people in your society by taking care of their pets either regularly or when the owners are not around. If you long for a pet dog especially and you cannot afford one, this job can be seen as a great opportunity to spend you time with your favorite animal(s) and yet make money.


– Shopping

Yes,. this is actually a job where people are paid to do others shopping for them. Busy moms and senior citizens require this help mostly apart from other people who are running out of time when during an occasion they are handling too many things at once. Handout your card next time someone compliments your shopping. The shopping job is not limited to clothes but even groceries and pharmacy.


Changing from a full time job to a second career which works on the principles of your hobby is not an easy task. It requires planning and budget. Running a trial always works if you are planning to completely switch.




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