Ideas that have changed Advertising.

Crosswords Audio books advertisement.
Crosswords Audio books advertisement.

Brands and companies have keenly used advertising as a major way to bring their products/services in front of a larger audience. The medium of advertising has changed many times and new ways have started blooming up. There have been different ideas that have come up over the years and changed our perception about the way we see advertisements of a product. Given below are some such ideas.

This medium has been the oldest form of advertising. It has gone from the Ancient Papyrus used by Egyptians to the posters on walls to billboards. They have not just remained on paper now but have gone electronic. The poster is generally regarded as a broadcast medium that is meant to be viewed by a larger public.

  • Slogans

A slogan is a line or just a word that gives an identity to a brand. It should be such that people remember and associate the brand and slogan together for a long time. It need not be that a slogan needs to be short so that it sounds catchy and can be remembered but in fact it needs to go well with its brand and the kind of products it is selling or intends to sell.


  • Television ads.

The first of the ads were black and white but as technology progressed, they started appearing in color and thus became the most popular medium of mass communication. It has the power to engage audiences emotionally and thus help in brand building.


  • Coupons

They are seen more than a technique for increasing the sales. They also prevent the customer from going to a competitor. For companies, distributing coupons also helps in calculating the price sensitivity of that population demographically.


  • Ambient

The word ambient means that an advertisement can practically appear in any area (except in the conventional media). The brand or company can choose to make the advertisement appear anywhere without really disturbing its surroundings. For example Kit Kat placed benches in a park whose bars looked like the chocolate bars of Kit Kat.


Advertising is all about the visual appeal these days. However it is important to note that making an advertisement is not easy. It is just not just about creating an impression and leaving an impact but also about not hurting anyone’s sentiments no matter what.



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