Studying more in less time.

There are many students who although are smart and intelligent, find it difficult to study large amount of notes in a less amount of time; while there are others who keep procrastinating their studies until the last minute of their exams or tests. Managing things in a proper way can help in studying a lot in a less duration of time. Given below are a few helpful tips for the same.

  • Make a timetable.

Time management is the most important aspect when a student is required to study a lot in less time. Managing ones time and the day’s activities will help in prioritizing what task to do when. Even though it

may sound weird but knowing which time is the most comfortable to choose a difficult topic is actually the best time to do it.

  • Plan your studies.

Randomly picking up a book and sitting down to study is the most disorganized and unplanned way to study because it just leaves the student thinking about the other subjects. It is important to chalk out a plan of action but one should remember not to waste time in just the planning. Try going for difficult or boring subjects first and then move on to the rest. Give particular amount of time for each subject you are going to do and do so accordingly.

  • Avoid the unnecessary.

Typing out all the class notes over and over again or even writing down all the concepts and terms from the textbook to make notes can serve as an unnecessary wastage of time especially in the case of the “end-moment” studying. Avoid this if possible.

  • Link ideas.

Linking different topics and terms to each other helps in remembering things easily. They can be done so using examples or even otherwise in such a way that they can be remembered in the right manner at the right time.

  • Teach it.

Try teaching what you have learnt all this while, to someone else. Nothing helps more in remembering things than when they are told or taught to someone. This helps in getting hold of the mistakes whenever they happen.

  • Keep Recollecting.

Studying point wise for each topic makes it easier to recollect. After the completion of one topic, try recollecting the topic, specifically in terms of the important points. When one topic is done, recollect it and then start

the second one; after the second one, recollect the previous two before moving to the third one and so on.

  • Use Post-its.

Make use of post it notes to put up important points all over the place where you visit regularly so that you notice, read and remember them as and when you pass that place.

Following some basic rules helps in knowing what may be the best plan of action for you especially when there is not much time available to finish the studies that have been pending. This helps not just in memorizing at the moment but also in the future.


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