Writing a report.

What is a report?

 A report is about writing a document in a short, sharp and precise manner whose intend is subjected towards a particular purpose and audience. A particular problem or situation is analyzed here and recommendations regarding how to deal with it are also given. A report is most importantly based on facts.


Sections of a standard report.

There is a particular format that needs to be followed while writing a standard report. Given below are different sections that need to be included while writing one.

  • The Main Page – The cover page of a report may include the titles name; name of the report as well as relevant dates, i.e. the year, etc.
  • The Contents – A shorter report may directly start the topic but a formal and a longer one will require the table of contents, definitions, acknowledgements.
  • Summary – The major points need to be summarized along with a suitable conclusion as well as recommendations. It may sometimes happen that the person to whom the report is being submitted will only read the summary rather than the full report, so it is better to include relevant information in the summary as well.
  • Introduction – This the first page of the report after the summary, etc. It has to be written in such a way that it explains the problem of why the report is being written. It the important term had not been mentioned previously in the title section, they need to be mentioned here. This page also explains the arrangement of the various details in the report.
  • Body – It is the main section of a report. The previous sections were written in plain simple English but here, various terms that range from simple to industrial and technical need to be used. The sections need to be arranged carefully with each of them having a subtitle. Important information is written first and then continued with the rest. Findings, etc can be included at the end of the report under a section called discussions.
  • Conclusion – Even this section needs to be written in plain simple English (or any other language that has been used for the report) as it is possible that along with the summary, the conclusion will as well be read and the rest of the report skipped.
  • Recommendations – They need to be prioritized in a correct manner and explained properly.
  • Appendices– The information included in this section which are often referred by the experts in the report topic and included technical details included in the conclusion



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