downloadWe all dream. Dream about our lives, love, house, merely everything. And yes, we dream about our jobs too. And so we all have that dream job. In entertainment, sports or maybe sciences. But there are jobs out there, which are so uncoventional that you’d question my sanity or maybe your own. From getting to snuggle for money to tasting chewing gums, it’s all in real.

  • PROFESSIONAL SNUGGLER- Yeah you read that right. Snuggling as a proffesion. You get paid for sleeping for scientific research or to observes different sleep pattern. If sleeping is one of the hobbies, you can count on to this profession.
  • PERSONAL SHOPPER- It’s a perfect job for any shpaholoic. They usually accompany an indivisual for sometimes shop on their behalf for a jaw dropping wardrobe. It’s common among celebrities or high powered rich indivisuals, who don’t get time to do these on their own. And also sometimes for fashion magazines. It’s one of the highly paid jobs.
  • TEA TASTER- As the name itself suggests, a tea taster gets paid to drink tea. Due to change in different conditions, taste of tea changes. So they determine the quality of a particular tea. And for that, they drink almost 200 cups of tea per day. Free tea all day? What else we need?
  • GUMOLOGIST- gumologist is a person who tastes gum all day? Wasn’t that a childhood dream come true? Getting paid for blowing, tasting the gum and seeing how long the flavour lasts. They review new products for chewing gum companies. A pretty good job, ain’t it?
  • downloadNETFLIX TAGGER- So most of us waste our time watching seasons of our favourite sit-coms back to back? What if you get money to do the same? Wouldn’t we be the happiest person alive on this planet! All they got to do is watch a show and tag media in netflix by using a keyword, so that the users can watch tv shows easily.

So who all are thinking of restyling their resumes?


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