Being a Graphic Designer.


Graphic designing is slowly being considered a serious career today. Also, more and more people are hiring graphic designers for their work in almost every possible field. However, being a graphic designer (GD) is not really an easy task. It requires high dedication apart from being creative and responsible to work this area. Given below are 9 traits that lead to becoming successful graphic designer.

1. Can communicate well.

There are many ways in which graphic designers are required to communicate regarding the client they are working for. The most common ways are logos and posters for various reasons. Bringing out the concepts in such a manner that it gets communicated well and in the easiest manner is important.

2. Time management.

This trait is required in every professional field but generally in the case of graphic designers is that they tend to take up multiple projects at the same time, due to which they may even fail to deliver the projects in the required time. This also creates a lack in creativity. A good graphic designer knows the estimated amount of time a project might take and thus takes up projects accordingly giving an equal creative contribution to all.

3. Full of ideas.

A good graphic designer can never fall short of ideas and has a concept for any task he might have. These designers are highly creative and can take inspiration from just anything around them. This is why they stand out frm the crowd.

4. Honesty is their only policy.

They are brutally honest with their work and are equally honest when it comes to themselves and the whole “creative design process”. They can criticize themselves if need be and are open to others criticizing their work. They say “it only makes them better”.

5. Motivated by task.

Yes, These are the kind of people who are not driven by the materialistic rewards but actually the project or task at hand. The kind of motivation level they achieve when they have “the project” is difficult to find elsewhere.

6. Love thy work.

Graphic designers take up their job very religiously and do it really well. They are passionate about what they do and this clearly shows up in their creativity. They do not do it for the sake of it but because they love it.

7. Conceptually balanced.

These designers know how to strike the right balance between play and being organized. They know how to experiment with concepts in such a way as to portray them in a funny yet serious and professional way with the right amount of reality.

8. Open to suggestions.

A good graphic designer takes up suggestions and ideas in a positive manner. He does not let attitude and confidence come in the way because he knows the fine line that exists between being arrogant and being (over)confident.

9. Cant stop learning.

Designing is not something that is taught in books and can be learnt in a few months or years. It is a never ending process which teaches something new everyday. One just needs to keep the senses open and sensitive towards what is happening around.

Some people are self taught graphic designers while others learn it as a course. Whatever the choice may be, it is important for a person as a graphic designer to keep in mind that not everyone may approve always of the concepts and ideas. It take a great amount of patience and calm to be open to ideas, criticism, workload and rewards that come with it.


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