Film appreciation – thinking differently.

Most of us watch films just as a medium of entertainment. We never really go into the depth of what the director, writer, and other members of the production team might have thought about while shooting it in the certain way we as an audience are viewing it. Whatever may be the kind or genre of film, there is always a certain deeper meaning hidden in it which the audience fails to connect to in most cases. This is where film appreciation comes into the picture. Its not something that one should go just by the name because it is certainly  a vast field where films are studied, understood, researched and criticized upon.

During film appreciation, just watching the film is not enough. Here, a whole plethora of topics are discussed regarding a film such as the history of the film, the era on which the film was based and the certain relations of the movie with the characters in it as well as the real life. Sometimes, the story of a movie can also be based on the real life incidences of the director with just slight changes or the movie can be inspired from the various changes a place might be undergoing based on the era on which it has been shot.

This kind of film appreciation is also a preferred career now. People who do such kind of appreciations, are required to watch the movie scene by scene and note down even the minute details – right from the way two characters are talking to the dressing and the scene set up. They even need to analyze facts regarding why the scene has been shot in a certain way and bring out the hidden meanings and connections between scenes. Every movie has scenes that are most crucial for a movie and film appreciation requires those scene to be figured out and understand why they are important. Establishment of the relationship between the characters in the movie is equally necessary.

Film appreciation might sound like an easy task while reading this article but in reality it is not. In depth analysis is a crucial point of this career and although it move can at a slow pace when chosen, it certainly becomes interesting with time. To appreciate a film, first understanding it is important.


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