Importance of Internships


Internships are an important way to improve your skill sets, build connections and improve the probability of getting a better job at a later stage. Internship can be all year round and can be categorized as summer internship, fall internship, semester internship, etc.

Given below are 6 reasons why internships are important in this smart, competitive era.

  1. Intern Vs Employer – The process of finding an internship and finding an intern for the company can be equally tiring but in the end, this process proves to be beneficial for both the parties. The person who finds a suitable internship works in a better manner and the prospects of landing up in the same company for a job increases while a company might get a future employee in the intern if it finds the person suitable.
  2. Testing your talent – Companies find internships as a way to test your talent before they can employ you as a full time employee. This in turn can also prove beneficial for the intern because in the time when his skills are being tested, he also gets to learn new things and correct his errors. It can be beneficial for some other interns who treat internships as a way to figure out in which field their interests and skill actually lie and weather the job in that company is really meant for them.
  3. Internships = investment – Getting hired as an intern can be seen as an investment for future job prospects. Not only does an internship connect you to different people of the society but gives you an opportunity to explore further options in terms of your career.
  4. Money does not matter – Not all internships are paid. It depends from company to company weather to pay its interns or not. Many companies agree to pay for food or accommodation expenses instead of giving them a regular month-end stipend, while others agree on paying travel expenses. Getting a stipend is not easy but looking at the internship as a hands on experience in the professional world is an experience in itself.
  5. Resume builder – No internship is big or small, but every internship is equally important because it only helps in building a better resume and at times, a better portfolio. Employers always choose someone who has had a history of internships and work experience.
  6. Change in habits – An internship helps in building not only connections with others but also with oneself. It helps in better time management and meeting deadlines. It also helps in dealing with work when under pressure. An internship also helps a person gain more confidence.

Doing an internship has proved to be both beneficial and important in this fast paced world where education truly matters. In an age who job employers are increasingly looking for people who would help their company to grow , they would for sure prefer someone with a past work experience.





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