Launch of ‘Train 10 Thousand Librarians (T10KL) programme under National Virtual Library

The Ministry of Culture, Government of India set up the National Mission on Libraries in 2012 to ensure sustained attention to the development of Libraries and the Information Science Sector.

The National Mission on Libraries has, as one of it’s activities, created the National Virtual Library of India (NVLI), a project whose purpose is to facilitate creation of a searchable comprehensive database of digital resources on information pertaining to India. The effort is directed primarily to provide searchable access to digital assets, primarily related to Indian culture and knowledge. The NVLI project is coordinated by IIT Bombay, and executed by IIT Bombay, C-DAC Pune and IGNOU.

The activity comprises two main blocks – (a) collection and curation of digital assets from libraries, museums and other resource points and (b) development of a portal that will provide facilities to search and display the digital assets.

Also, an integral part of the NVLI project is the capacity building and training on Koha and other open source digital library software to all librarians across the country.

The Train 10 Thousand Librarians (T10KL) programme was launched from the Electronic Media Production Centre at IGNOU on 12th October 2018 by the Vice Chancellor of IGNOU, Prof Nageshwar Rao, in the presence of Prof Kannan Moudgalya of IIT Bombay, the Principal Investigator of NVLI, and Prof Uma Kanjilal, Professor in the Faculty of Library and Information Science, IGNOU.

In a first for the country, 2,500 Librarians across the nation participated through 98 Remote Centres of IIT Bombay, located in 19 states, and received Koha training. For the purposes of this workshop, the methodology created and proved in the Train 10 Thousand Teachers programme by IIT Bombay was used.



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