The ordinary or the extra ordinary?

The Indian Lunch box or Dabba
The Indian Lunch box or Dabba

Some customs, traditions and objects often leave us baffled. Some prove to be logical while others just leave us with amazement. Given below are few such examples which may leave you wondering whether they can really be termed as ordinary or more than that.

  • The Indian lunch box – They come in different types of metals and various sizes, but the most typical ones are made of two or three round steel containers stacked on top of each other and secured with a clasp. The Mumbai city is a perfect place to describe this Tiffin or “dabba” and the dabbawalas.
  • Toe Rings – In India, it is customary to go barefoot indoors, which is why many women in different parts of India, wear rings in their toes. These rings are often given as gifts from the grooms family and are only removed upon the death of the husband.
  • Chopsticks – The Chinese have been using them for almost more than 30 centuries now. They believe that using chopsticks  helps in exercising the mind and definitely exercising the fingers. It takes 30 bone joints and 50 muscles to manipulate them. However if you are not using chopsticks, you can alternatively use Forkchops which are similar to using a knife and fork.
  • Ear cleaners – In India, professional ear cleaners require only three tools. These three are held together in a ring. The spoon scoops out built-up dirt and wax, while the tweezers pluck any remaining scraps. For a final swabbing, ear cleaners use the metal spike, which they in cotton.
  • Footballs – In Zambia particularly, they are made from available materials which are usually rags, paper or packaging materials stuffed in a plastic bag and bound with a string. A store-bought regulation ball would cost US$40 or in other words, one month of the average workers wage.
  • Silver Bubble blower – Water has strong surface tension which means that water molecules try to stick together. When soap is added to water, it loosens the molecules by blowing at and expanding a surface of soapy water. A company called Tiffany & Co., in USA sells a bubble blower in its jewellery store and that too made in silver. It obviously does not create better bubbles or bubbles of different shapes, but it surely sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Status shoes – These shoes look like any other pair of shoes but have been designed in such a way that they give an extra 5cm to the men who wear them such that they appear taller.
  • A bank account – for a pet! – In Japan, at the Sanwa Bank, a person can open a bank account for a pet he owns. It simple. Just take the pet and at least a 1YEN or US$0.9 to any of the bank’s branch and the gets its own bank account with an account book and a notebook to keep pictures and personal data in. The account can be used to save money for pet expenses illnesses and treatments.


These are just a few of them. There are more such examples which exist in every form and shape. They are all around us and all we need to do is keep our curious brain open.


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