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Are you someone who loves typing? Are you someone who loves to keep different fonts in your font library and does not lose an opportunity in using them. Given below are some essential fonts which every font lover should be having – irrespective of what typeface you like.

  • Manifesto

A fully uppercase font that was created by Tomaz Leskovec. It is a geometric font which was inspired by the Italian rationalist movement in the mid 1920’s. The angular pattern of this font helps in creating an impact to headlines as well as posters.


  • Manteka

Designed by a Spanish typographer Eduardo Araya, this font was especially made for use in print media but also works incredibly for the web. It is a free font that has been accepted worldwide by designers.


  • Typometry

A quirky font in character, it was crafted by Emil Kozole for a university project. Through this font, Emil manages to incorporate a surrealistic style in it which proves it to be a great font for various different kinds of project.


  • Play Mobil

This font was created by Madrid based designers Christian del Moral and Luis Armesilla. The work of these designers in real life has been creatively reflected in this font. For example, Luis works on the conepts of motion and graphic design while Christian is influenced by music and child like illustrations.


  • Kilogram

This font is based on Nick Curtis’ font Anagram. A little curvy and a little straight, it is a quite a bold design that can be used in several ways.


  • Reis

This is a really funky handwritten font that can be used for logos and posters. Created by Marcelo Reis Melo, hence the name Reis.


  • Adamas Regular

This font has a special feel to it. History says that this style of writing was first used by Greek and Latin writers for a stone of impenetrable hardness. Although it is only available in upper case, it is a crazy yet a subtle font that can be highly experimented with.


  • Cassanet

A simply gorgeous font, Cassanet is believed to captue the essence of vintage Cassandre posters. This art deco font is available in a varieties such as bold, regular and outline weights and at the same time, also contains ligatures, capitals, numbers, small capitals and titling alternates which makes this font perfect for any purpose.

It is believed that people who use different fonts regularly, have their own set of favorite fonts. Fonts are available in different formats such as OTF and TTF and most of them come for free. However, it is important to note that being a “fan of fonts” is also about being responsible towards using them in the right places and giving credit to the creator as well purchasing them whenever possible.


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