10 ways how healthcare at home has changed the game.


Comfort and convenience – These words go quite well with the term “healthcare at home”. This can be one or many kinds of medical services that can be availed while sitting at home. From major to minor services to personal attention, it accommodates it all with ease.

Let us look at 10 ways how healthcare has changed the game.

1. Convenience comes home.
May it be blood tests, or eye checkups or post-operation recovery services, medical services are being provided right at your doorstep. Just one phone call is all it takes, or maybe sometimes just one app is what it requires – talk about the smartphone era.

2. Time saver.
Since these services are about comfort and convenience, then they also come with the time saving factor. One need not go to the hospital to book an appointment and then spend hours to wait for the checkup to be done. It can be done at home as per the favorable time.

3. No restrictions.
It is often seen that whenever one goes to do a checkup done or even to meet someone who has been operated, there are timings to meet the patient and there are certain rules to be followed. Availing a healthcare service at home limits these restrictions while allowing a friendly interaction between the patient, the family and the care takers.

4. Cost effective.
This service also acts a money saver because it comes in a budget that fits the pocket. Also, miscellaneous costs like food and travel are saved. Some services are also covered by different types of insurances which makes it more reliable.

5. No hospital smells.
Ever heard someone saying “I don’t like the smell of hospitals”? Sometimes the chemicals may get onto ones nerves while in a hospital but when treated at home, the patient can smell the home as a home and still get treated the way he/she is treated in a hospital.

6. Personal attention.
After a person has been operated and brought home, it is often noticed that the people close to the patient are hesitant of whether they will be able to take care of the patient in an effective manner. However, if we take a closer look, hospitals are ready to provide special services at home for the patient with time to time checkups in the comfort of the patient’s home.

7. A helping hand.

A patient may not always stay with a group of people. The individual could be living on his/her own and could be requiring assistance for washing, cleaning, running small errands and even companionship. These services take care of even these needs.

8. Change of concerns.
A home may not always be kept as tidy as it should be, or a diet may not be followed the way it should be, but as soon as it comes to taking a person’s care at home, many such concerns change.

9. Division of roles and responsibilities.
When a person is medicated at home, there is an equal amount of responsibility on every person associated with that person in the home, with regard to health and hygiene, different chores at home to even maintaining a homely atmosphere.

10. There is no place better than home.
It is no doubt that a person can recover better in the comfort of a home rather than a hospital. At the end of the day, a patient always looks up to returning to the comfort of his/her home.

Healthcare services at home are slowly being accepted by a majority of people. In no time will we have patients being operated in their homes itself. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen because in the end, nobody likes the smell of hospitals, especially when we talk about our very own home sweet home.


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