So the endless poring of water outside. Well, some enjoy the dripping sound of rain and some hate it from the core of their heart. But indeed this gloomy weather spoils most of our plans. But why to cancel plan and sit, just enjoy the weather. So this list of few things which can be done to make the most of this weather.

  • Oh the closet is calling you! And you don’t remember the last time you cleaned it up. So do it now. Don’t expect a more apt time for this. And maybe you find some long lost thing, which you were finding. Plus some old, unused clothes for charity. Can it be better?
  • Go out for a drive in rain. I know it’s too cliche, yet an evergreen idea for rains.
  • Just once, forget your mobile. Leave it at home and just go out. With friends/family/special someone or just yourself. You’d definietely love it.
  • Make paper boats. Relive those childhood memories and Let the child inside you come out and enjoy.
  • A mind- blowing idea. Take out your woofer speakers and go out to the balcony or garden. And dance your heart out in the rain. It makes you forget all the worries of life. It looks stupid, but it’s worth the stupidity.
  • Call your friends/family and Have a string of indoor games at your place. Ludo, cards, tambola and many more. It’s always fun these games. Plus a complimentary tea party would be a blast.
  • Go to a nearby chaiwala (tea shop). Just sit and enjoy every sip of it, while the rain dancing in front. And give him some extra tip that day. His smile would be priceless. And if you a bit further, take a selfie with him. You won’t believe how happy he’d be.
  • Another idea to go back to childhood days. Call your friends or cousins and do camping. Yes camping! It can be an indoor one, or an outside camping on the terrace or garden.
  • If you’re a movie fanatic, dedicate that day to it and watch your favourite movies back to back in a single go. But yes, don’t forget to arrange a huge stock of food for the complete day.
  • Plan up a karaoke program at your place. It’d be really fun, even if you’re going to try it for the first time.

And at last, just enjoy. It doesn’t rains always.


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